Jopin, an 80-yr old elder of the tribe, is known for getting to the core of an issue or problem, always coming up with the right solution or making the right decision.  This time, he not only has to deal with the high consequential decision of a possible evacuation of the village, he has to deal with his chief’s questionable actions and possible motives.


Chief Salamander

Chief Salamander has been quite popular and successful, until now.  He was appointed chief at the ripe young age of nineteen. But now, several years later, he must convince his tribe that the time has come for them to leave their village and follow the spinning sun to who knows where.  His inexperience and lack of self-confidence is not helping.



Deer-tracker is Jopin’s preteen grandson who worships his grandfather and wants to become just like him.  Alongside of Jopin, Deer-tracker plays a major role as the tribe journeys on a most treacherous and intriguing odyssey.  This book demonstrates how the future lies in the hands of the youth.



Jopin and Deer-tracker find Knee-nose, a young, spotted deer, on top of the mesa.  Knee-nose follows them back down to the village.  He wins everyone’s heart and becomes instrumental in helping the tribe decide what to do about the evacuation.



Bright-sunflower, Jopin’s wife, is the power behind his success.  Knowing Jopin better than he knows himself, Bright-sunflower skillfully advises him on what to say and how to act, even though she may not know the specifics of the issue.